Suresh Payankannur

Monday, September 15, 2014

Spring Security and Active Directory without Manager Username/Password

Recently I run into an issue to integrate an application with corporate LDAP. Typical LDAP requires a bind. If the server does not allow anonymous bind, then a manager/admin username and password must be supplied.

But when dealing with Active Directory, one can use the incoming user and password of an authentication request to do the binding. This is a non-standard way to integrate with a typical LDAP server. Spring Security has direct support for this type of configuration and setup.

<security:authentication-manager alias="authenticationManager">
  <security:authentication-provider ref="adAuthenticationProvider"/>

<bean id="adAuthenticationProvider" class="">
  <constructor-arg value=""/>
  <constructor-arg value="ldap://my-company-active-directory-url"/>
  <property name="useAuthenticationRequestCredentials" value="true"/>
  <property name="convertSubErrorCodesToExceptions" value="true"/>


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