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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

GNU Emacs and Subversion 1.7

My favorite emacs mode for Subversion has been psvn. It provides decent integration with SVN from GNU emacs and served me well over the years. After a break, recently I started using SVN for a new project and found that SVN 1.7 do not keep a .svn directory at each level. This is a good thing. But it broke the original psvn mode. The psvn mode expects to have the .svn directory to work. After reading this blog, I switched over to dsvn. But I found that dsvn do not have the same features as psvn. And some of the important features are missing. For example:

  • Marking all the changed files in the status buffer. In psvn ** will mark all the changed files. But when using dsvn, one has to go and manually mark each individual file
  • In the commit buffer, there is no list of files that will be included in the commit. In psvn, the commit buffer will show all the files that will be included in the commit with a comment (##) in the beginning of each line. But in dsvn, the commit buffer do not show any file list, one can only enter the comment for the commit.
After searching around, I found this link on how to fix psvn to work with SVN 1.7. Use the new and it seems to fix the issue.

I am using GNU Emacs 23.1 and Cygwin distribution of SVN 1.7.2 on Windows 7




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